Disaster Recovery

A crisis can hit anywhere at any time. From unforeseen product failures to natural disasters, even a short disruption can translate into major consequences. Dont let downed phone lines or flooded switchboards magnify a crisis beyond control! Does your company have a plan to maintain continuous communications to bridge the gap to recovery? Maintaining a Direct Call disaster recovery plan will allow a company to continue taking calls from clients, interact effectively with the media, and provide information to the families of employees in the event of an emergency.

Working with our customers, we can customise disaster recovery plans to suit their needs.

In the event of disaster in a customer's premises, and the loss of communication, telephone providors can divert their lines to our exchange. The calls will be routed to our operators who will answer in the customer's name and take messages or relay information.
This will allow your customers to continue to communicate with you until, either the problem is resolved, or other solutions are put in place. They have no need to contact one of your competitors.

We can bridge the first vital hours of your breakdown, fire, fault or flood -
 leaving you to deal with the crisis.